The Team

We are all long time friends with common interests and values brought together by music many years ago. One day after stumbling across extended education costs graph, a conversation was started about the incredible rate at which extended education costs are rising, this discussion quickly focused on students going for extended education from single parent homes. All of us here at The Grateful Hippie Foundation Inc. grew up without one of our parents in the household. We all remember how disadvantaged we were as the parent we lived with struggled to give us what we wanted or needed

After much discussion about the cost of extended education costs we decided that we could do something to help students furthering their education from single parent homes. We all here firmly believe that had we had better financial backing we could have gone even further with our education.

We all were quickly compelled to do something that could help many even if it was just a little. So, in January 2016 The Grateful Hippie Foundation Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit was organized and came to be!